Bachelor of Business Administration

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Learn how to rise in your career as a business manager by completing the Bachelor of Business Administration program at one of the best West African private universities.

Through a unique combination of topics in business management, accounting, international relations, mass communication as well as general courses, you will be trained to be a future leader in a company, whether as an employee or an entrepreneur.

During the course of this program, our students are provided with conceptual and technical skills as well as practical experience of business administration. This is achieved through project development and case studies among other things. Such activities enable students to analyze real business issues and help them get operational at the eve of their respective career.

Additionally, the Bachelor of Business Administration at IRGIB Africa University enables students to have the prerequisites for a future master in an array of fields including marketing, communication or management.

The Bachelor of Business Administration courses are delivered by passionate and skillful professors at IRGIB Africa University. Since its inception in 2006, IRGIB Africa University has gained national and international recognition from various industries and companies that continuously seek for the unique mindset and skills of its graduates.

For the admission to the first year (Freshers), you must provide:
– the O’level result (WAEC or NECO)
– the birth certificate or affidavit
– 3 passport photos
– a copy of the passport (data page)
– the registration form

For 2nd or 3rd year admission (Direct Entry), you must provide:
– the proof of post-secondary training (OND, HND, BSC or at least an A’Level corresponding to the choice of the programme)
– the O’level result (WAEC or NECO)
– the birth certificate or affidavit
– 3 passport photos
– a copy of the passport (data page)
– the registration form

During the program, we will offer you the following modules and courses.

First Level (100L) – Four compulsory modules
Module 1
Main topics of the module include:
* Use of English and Communication Skill
* Introduction to Computer Science
* Branding Techniques and creative design I
* Principles of Accounting I
Module 2
Main topics of the module include:
* Principles of Economic I (Micro Economics)
* Elementary French I
* Element of Marketing
* Introduction to Business Administration
* Business Communication
* Introduction to Financial Management
Module 3
Main topics of the module include:
* Statistics
* Principle of Economic II ( Macro Economics)
* General Principle of Law
* Introduction to Public Relation and Advertising
* Elementary French II
Module 4
Main topics of the module include:
* Principle of Accounting II
* Business Mathematics
* Introduction to Financial Reporting
* Introduction to International Relations
* Introduction to Political Science  
* Globalization

Second Level (200L) – Four compulsory modules
* Coming soon

Third Level (300L) – Three compulsory modules and one project development
* Coming soon

The global cost of the Bachelor of Business Administration program is 950.000 Fcfa.

It represents:
– 50.000 Fcfa of administrative enrollment fees;
– 250.000 Fcfa for the first level;
– 300.000 Fcfa for the second level;
– 350.000 Fcfa for the third level;

Tuition fees are required to be paid each year.

You are offered the possibility to pay in maximum 2 installments. In such a case, an additional 5% is added to the total amount.

Nota bene
*These tariffs assume students complete the module within the required period without resits and with recognition of prior learning (otherwise, additional fees would be required). Program fees are subject to annual revision.
** Kindly note that the student fees are net of any local VAT, goods and services tax (GST) or any other sales tax payable by the student in their country of residence. Where the University is required to add VAT, GST or any other sales tax at the local statutory rate, this will be added to the fees shown during the payment process.

If you want to combine the willingness and the freedom to learn, this online program has been designed especially for you. Supported by the latest innovations in online learning, you will have access to a simple and clear path to develop your knowledge.

To provide you with stimulating learning, we will make available to you video clips, documents, reference or current affairs readings, discussion forums, live online lectures with professors, as well as evaluation questionnaires.

Each module includes courses to be taken at your own pace during a given period. We estimate that you will need to put in an effort of 15 to 20 hours per week. One module lasts 2 months, and four (4) modules are offered at each level of the program during a school year.

You will be assessed at the end of each course, then globally at the end of each module. The marks obtained will count as a continuous examination for 50% of your annual mark. An end-of-year exam, consisting of several online sessions and counting for the remaining 50%, will be organized at the end of each school year.

Upon completing this program, you will be ready to enjoy working in a range of business administration positions such as:
• manager;
• marketer;
• financial employee.

You can also launch your own company and use the skills you developed to run your business sucessfully.


Applications for the January 2022 1st level cohort will open soon!