With faith in God and fraternity, we learn to rise, we rise to defeat under-development.

IRGIB Africa self-directed task


IRGIB AFRICA wants to be the engine of scientific, technological and economic development of West Africa. According to the Vision of learning that can be measured by economic and social improvement, IRGIB AFRICA seeks for excellence.

Values and specialities

By definition, IRGIB AFRICA is a teaching and research institution, neutral and open. The main sectors are industrial technology, biotechnology and applied sciences. Economics and rights are embraced.

Our Story


IRGIB AFRICA Univeristy is a private university recognized by the Beninese Ministry of State for Research and Training. The diplomas of the polytechnic institute are recognized similar to other academic institutions in Benin.

The founder and spiritus rector of IRGIB AFRICA Univeristy is the toxicologist Dr. Virgile Ahyi. His vision of a measurable academic training for economic and social progress is realized not only by the university, but also by the laboratories also founded by him.


The university is taking an important step towards internationalization. In addition to French-speaking education, founded in 2006, IRGIB AFRICA founded an English-speaking campus. In the English section we provide information in English. The exams are also to be taken in English.

IRGIB AFRICA University has universally friendly relations with other universities. University cooperation not only stimulates international scientific exchange, it also paves the way for studies and doctorates abroad for IRGIB AFRICA students.


IRGIB laboratories are known throughout the West African region for high performance standards. With this IRGIB AFRICA is the first address for a multiplicity of research and development tasks.

Sectors that are particularly in demand by customers: health, food, water, the environment and fossil raw materials. Under the guidance of experienced practitioners, students and doctoral students are taught to connect theory and practice with a lot of professional responsibility.


Face to a growing demand for its curricula, IRGIB Africa steps into the digitalization of his programs. The University thus engages a transformation to offer to the students the opportunity to study without the costs of a face-to-face study on campus while providing a stimulating online environment.

By providing access to a range of engaging content, including pre-recorded videos, readings, discussion forums, quizzes, but also online lectures, IRGIB Africa maintains its ambition to be a leader in education field in Benin and over the West-African subregion.

Opinions from our students